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Brick Wood New technology in construction industry

Brick Wood is an alternative solution to traditional methods of house construction. Simple construction process, durability and ecological structure of our panels assure the tranquil and comfort of the householders.

High resistance
to low temperatures
Low weight
connecting blocks
Short time
building a house
Low cost
building a house

Brick Wood blocks


Oriented Strand Board




What you gain


Own hoouse is not only for the chosen ones. We are here to help you to own the house in a favourable price.


The structure of our blocks allows for fast assembly and shortens the time needed for finishing the dream house of yours.


We care about quality and safety of manufacture and at the same time we care about the Nature. We use eco-friendly house construction materials.

See how we construct the houses

The material used by us has been tested in the Building Research Institute in Warsaw what guarantees safety and performance of Brick Wood technology.

Our technology is based on assembly of the blocks using screws and fitting foam. We join blocks with the connectors fitted between blocks. We perforate the blocks to let the water vapour shall it accumulate inside the block. Whole building is secured with the membrane, insulated with the mineral wool, mash on it and adhesive.

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